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Ultra Heavy Duty Custom Length Retractable, Quick Release, Trolling Motor Mount Bracket, Lifetime Warranty.  Sold Per Inch!

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Ultra Heavy Duty Custom Length Retractable Quick Release Trolling Motor Mount

Want more, or less, than the 9.13 inches of travel than the standard SS-9-UHD offers?  NO PROBLEM!  We can custom make your mount specific to your travel needs with the same fast next day shipping as all of our products up to an amazing 42 inches of travel!  No other mount available today can offer this level of travel and customization!

How to order

For every quantity you add of this part to your cart we will create an UHD series mount that length.  For example, if you wanted to have 15 inches of travel you would need to add fifteen (15) of these to your cart before checkout.  EASY!

Like the sound of “NO NEW HOLES IN YOUR BOAT?”

We also offer optional adapters like the BMA-12 and DPA-1 that will prevent you from having to drill additional holes in your boat if you have already previously used other mounts or attached your motor directly to your deck.

Product overview (See Specifications page for complete information) .

  • Designed to be used directly with the following mount systems or trolling motors that share the same bracket bolt patterns.  No adapters required!
    • Minn Kota: Ulterra, Terrova, Powerdrive, Riptide Ulterra, Riptide Terrova, Riptide Powerdrive, Riptide SP/ST, PD/HC Pontoon and DH40  in any shaft length or voltage configuration
    • MotorGuide: Xi5 and Xi3 in any shaft length or voltage configuration
    • Rhodan HD GPS anchors
    • Garmin Force Kraken (Use of Garmin Quick Release requires EXD mount)
    • Lowrance Ghost (requires use of our TMA-1)
    • Haswing (requires additional holes)
    • Water Snake models
    • RTA-17, MKA-21, RTA-54, RTA-62, MKA-64** Quick Release mounts
    • JM55007 (RTA-17 / MKA-21 clone) Quck Release mount
    • Many other brands that share the same bolt patterns as above


    • Base Rail “Puck” Dimensions:  Variable L x 4.0W inches (Any length you select)
    • Carriage Arms Length: 5.00 inches
    • Travel:  7″ (min) to 42″ (max) inches
    • Mounted height:  ~1.75 inches from mounting surface (Boat deck typically)
    • Rated load: 100 lbs
    • Rated shaft length:  UP TO 72 inches
    • Installation Instructions
    • Warranty:  Lifetime*

*Please see Warranty page for complete details of coverage

** Requires additional BMAP-54 OR BMAP-RE adapter

7 reviews for SS-X-UHD

  1. JD_Skidmore

    I recently upgraded my trolling motor to a new Minn Kota Ulterra 112lb / 36v w/ mega side imaging. My boat, a Ranger 212LS, 250 Pro XL, 21’6″ fish/ski. Once I received the motor and looked at the size and weight of this motor, I realized that none of the recommended mounts from Minn Kota were adequate for mounting this motor on my boat. I needed one that would slide out when deployed to clear the angle of my overhang to my rub rail below my bow. Having installed numerous trolling motors on my previous boats and preferring to not ruin my boat by drilling more holes in the deck, I carefully researched my options. When I came across “Shuttle Slide” on the web, my worries seemed to be relieved. The product is extremely well designed and engineered from the best materials and their c/s tech. support was exceptional. I first purchased the SS9 UHD and the DP1 mounting plate, which allowed me to utilize my existing holes in my bow. Upon arrival, I mounted the slide on my Ulterra and dry fit it on my Ranger. Unfortunately, I still was lacking some slide length to get that motor out far enough to avoid my rubrail during deployment, and then slide back far enough to allow use of my travel cover when in the stow position. Immediately called Shuttle Slide and spoke to Russ. Sent him a few pictures and we agreed that a 5″ longer unit would more than likely solve both my issues. I packed up the 1st one for return and in about 3 days, I had the new custom 14″ mount on my boat. It is ideal for my boat and design and I would highly recommend it to anyone. How many bass boat pictures do you see with these huge trolling motors hanging way out over the bow that have been mounted that way because they used a poorly designed mounting. I’m not an “engineer” by trade, but I know for a fact that the Minn Kota mounts that have a “quick detach slide” ability are designed for easy removal and not for hanging a huge trolling motor in an extended position over the bow of a boat. The stress and weight of an Ulterra 36v/112lb needs a more secure mount. In my opinion, the “Shuttle Slide” mounts are far superior to anything on the market. The ability to slide my Ulterra out for deployment and back in for stow and travel is amazing. The extra money that it cost for my custom 14″ unit was saved in not having to alter my Ranger travel cover one bit. Fits perfectly! You will not be disappointed in a Shuttle Slide product!

  2. Pete R.

    Very happy with the unit. Mounted SS-11-UHD on airboat

  3. GradyWhiteCC

    I’m very happy with the mount on my 30ft Grady White center console. Purchased the 20″ UHD for my Rhodan 36v 120 pound thrust 96 inch shaft. I got a feeling you will be getting some orders from the marina I keep my boat at soon. Lots of folks have been looking at the bracket and loving it. I really appreciate the great customer service!

  4. J_Tick

    SS-8-UHD, works great. Super happy with it.

  5. AM40

    The 14 inch slide does exactly what is required to protect the trolling motor when launching and loading on the trailer. The slide is firm and stays in place as stated in the product description. I give this product a 5 star rating. Thank you for a professional product and service.

  6. Crestliner_SportFish-2050

    8UHD- Install went smoothly and I’m very happy with the results. I was able to put all four mounting bolts into the wood/aluminum without touching the gunwale, along with a custom backing plate inside the boat. The end result is a very sturdy mounting system that keeps the motor stowed nicely when not being used and outside the rub rail when deployed. Thank you for the great customer service.

  7. Nichols_D

    I just finished installing this awesome SS-10-UHD custom slide with my new MinnKota Riptide Terrova 60” shaft.
    Install went great…when the slide is retracted back my motor and head all fit inside the rub rails…When deployed I’ve got the 1&1/2” clearance from the rub rails as recommended by Minn Kota . Thank you for your game changing product and customer support – Skeeter SX210

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