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Backing Plate For ShuttleSlide Mounts



Worried that your deck could use some reinforcement when attaching your motor with one of our mounts?  NO PROBLEM!  Just add this backing plate to your order and you’ll have a 0.25″ thick 6061-T6 plate to use on the underside of your deck that will already have the hole pattern in it to match our mounts.  One size fits all of our mounts!

We can also provide customized versions of this plate if the underside of your deck is space limited.  Just give us a call, text message or reach out via Facebook, etc.  We are happy to help anytime and customized orders still typically ship NEXT BUSINESS DAY!



1 review for BKP-1

  1. BTeunis

    Robolo R272, Rhodan 84″, worked well

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