Heavy Duty 12 Inch Retractable, Quick Release, Trolling Motor Mount Bracket with Lifetime Warranty. (72″ Max Shaft)

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Heavy Duty 12 inch Retractable Quick Release Trolling Motor Mount Guaranteed to Last Forever

CNC Machined from 0.25″ 6061-T6 plate this is a strong linear mounting system with a lifetime, unlimited use, warranty*.  This model retracts 12.5 inches and is designed to provide a retractable mount base and bracket for your Minn Kota, Motorguide, Rhodan or any other trolling motor with up to 72 inch shaft length.  If you want to use your standard quick release mount such as RTA-17, MKA-21 and RTA-54, just add a BMAP-54 and you are all set!  With a built in simple to use quick release mechanism, simply remove the thumb screw and slide the motor off the end of the rail.  Easy!  Our system is the only one available that AUTOMATICALLY retracts on impact and can adjust the amount of force needed to move the carriage along the rail in a linear or non-linear fashion.  Along with the completely hands free integrated brake system that prevents the motor from moving unless you want it to, there is simply no better mounting system available today.

Why choose SS-12-HD?

  • Provides more retraction to bring your motor fully inside the rub rail when it is mounted at an angle to the rub rail.
    • Though less common, if you need more than 12 inches we fully support up to 18 inches with our SS-X-HD product that is sold per inch.  Most installs with modern motors do not need this.
  • The SS-12-HD handles gaps and small spans if your deck is uneven or has a slope or angled section that extends down to the rub rail that prevents positioning mounts close enough to the waterline to allow clearance of the trolling motor shaft.
  • You have a heavy motor with a shaft length up to 72 inches and/or in combination with thrust over 80lbs capability, or your going to use the motor in heavy seas such as offshore wreck fishing or anywhere the weather can change or present challenging fishing conditions that demand a high strength and stable platform possible for your equipment.
  • We recommend 8 holes in your deck to attach the SS-12-HD.  If you can’t get bolts within approximately 3.75  inches of the rub rail, we recommend using a SS-X-UHD (first bolt up to 6.5 inches from rub rail) OR a SS-X-UHD + BMAP-RE (first bolt up to 10.5 inches from rub rail)

Like the sound of “NO NEW HOLES IN YOUR BOAT?”

We also offer optional adapters like the BMA-12 and DPA-1 that will prevent you from having to drill additional holes in your boat if you have already previously used other mounts or attached your motor directly to your deck.

Product overview (See Specifications page for complete information) .

  • Designed to be used with the following mount systems or trolling motors directly that share the same bracket bolt patterns:
    • Minn Kota: Ulterra, Terrova, Powerdrive, Riptide Ulterra, Riptide Terrova, Riptide Powerdrive, Riptide SP/ST, PD/HC Pontoon and DH40  in any shaft length or voltage configuration
    • MotorGuide: Xi5 and Xi3 in any shaft length or voltage configuration
    • Rhodan HD GPS anchors
    • Haswing (requires additional holes)
    • Water Snake models
    • RTA-17, MKA-21 and RTA-54 Quick Release mounts**
    • JM55007 (RTA-17 / MKA-21 clone) Quick Release mounts**
    • Many other brands that share the same bolt patterns as above


    • Base Rail “Puck” Dimensions:  18.75 x 3.5 inches
    • Carriage Arms Length: 5.00 inches
    • Travel:  12.50 inches
    • Mounted height:  ~1.50 inches from mounting surface (Boat deck typically)
    • Rated motor weight (NOT thrust): 100 lbs
    • Rated shaft length:  UP TO 72 inches (See UHD products for over 72 inches)
    • Installation Instructions
    • Warranty:  Lifetime, full replacement*

*Please see Warranty page for complete details of coverage

** Requires additional BMAP-54 adapter

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 2 in


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