EXTREME Duty Custom Length Retractable Mount (up to 108″ Max Shaft) !!Sold Per Inch!!

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Extreme Duty Custom Length Retractable Quick Release Trolling Motor Mount Guaranteed to Last Forever

If you have a Quest or Instinct motor, you will need an EXD-REQ8 in addition to an EXD series mount.

Need the ultimate in retractable mounts?  This is it!  Our EXD series mounts incorporate many new features over our UHD and HD models that focus on supporting very large trolling motors on the largest of boats.  While EXD mounts work great with any size trolling motor they are specifically built to support 84″, 87″, 96″, 100″ and even 108″ shaft lengths and are the pinacle in strength for your mounting solution.  You can attach your trolling motor directly to the EXD, OR use the quick release adapter that typically comes with the larger motors.  The EXD still includes a release mechanism it also comes with up to a 6 inch reach extension at no extra cost.

IMPORTANT!  You must indicate what length reach extension you need during checkout.  Options are:

  • “Zero” length extension (First bolts for mount are located 6.5 inches inboard from rub rail)
  • 4 inch extension (First bolts are located at 10.5 inches inboard from rub rail) <– Most common option
  • 6 inch extension (First bolts are located at 12.5 inches inboard from rub rail)
  • 8 inch extension (MUST CALL US)

Here’s what EXD mounts offer over our UHD and HD models:

  • Deck hardware up sized to 5/16-18 vs 1/4-20 on UHD/HD
  • 3/8″ Thick top plate vs 1/4″ on UHD/HD
  • 5 inch wide foot print
  • 50% less pressure on your deck vs UHD / HD
  • Easier / more flexible install with built in reach extension support to “set back” the mount further from the rub rail
    • Distance from rub rail to first bolt is 6.5 inches, or optionally up to 14.5 inches
    • Distance from rub rail to leading edge of the mount is 2.75 inches, or optionally up to 10.75 inches to deal with clearing cleats, lights, toe rails or deck taper

How to order

For every quantity you add of this part to your cart we will create an EXD series mount that length.  For example, if you wanted to have 15 inches of travel you would need to add fifteen (15) of these to your cart before checkout.  EASY!

Product overview

  • Designed to be used directly with the following mount systems or trolling motors that share the same bracket bolt patterns.  No adapters required!
    • Minn Kota:
    • Ulterra, Terrova(Including Quest/Instinct), Powerdrive, Riptide Ulterra, Riptide Terrova, Riptide Powerdrive, Riptide SP/ST, PD/HC Pontoon and DH40  in any shaft length or voltage configuration
    • Rhodan HD GPS anchors
    • MotorGuide: Xi5 and Xi3 in any shaft length or voltage configuration
    • Garmin Force Kraken
    • Power Pole Move PV
    • Lowrance Ghost (requires use of our TMA-1)
    • Haswing (requires additional holes)
    • Water Snake models
    • RTA-17, MKA-21, RTA-54, RTA-62, MKA-64, RTA-55, MKA-56 and all Rhodan Quick Release mounts
    • JM55007 (RTA-17 / MKA-21 clone) Quck Release mount
    • Many other brands that share the same bolt patterns as above


    • Base Rail “Puck” Dimensions:  Variable Legnth x 5.0″ Wide (Any length you select)
    • Travel:  7.0 (min) to 42 (max) inches
    • Mounted height:  ~2  inches from mounting surface (Boat deck typically)
    • Rated load: 150 lbs (motor weight, NOT THRUST)
    • Rated shaft length:  UP TO 108 inches (if you need more, just CALL US)
    • Installation Instructions
    • Warranty:  Lifetime*

*Please see Warwranty page for complete details of coverage



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